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Inspired by @jinglefrisbee []'s latest blog post Ideas For My Next Conference Presentation [] I decided to throw some

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Inspired by @jinglefrisbee's latest blog post Ideas For My Next Conference Presentation I decided to throw some ideas I've been sitting on for a while out into the world. Sadly the soft focus stopped working on my camera so there won't be any cool bathroom mirror, lip-sync type shots, sorry.

It should be noted that these are all sessions that I would like to see or think we need, not ones that I want to run myself. Mainly because for many I am the last person (white, male) who should be running them, also because I'm all about helping others before myself. Please feel free to take these ideas, riff on them, expand, change, flip, critique, etc. They are far from perfect, but start the conversation at least. You can also use this model I developed to run them too!

Unpacking Your Backpack
Three or four people take turns on a stage unpacking their privilege. Afterwards there is a panel discussion about how privilege effects GLAM services, the profession, and people. Strategies can be developed to effectively use privilege to help those without. Lots of listening should be involved!

Your LMS Security is Bad and You Should Feel Bad
I'm pretty sick and tired of trying to explain why security is important in libraries/GLAM and getting blank stares in return. In this session you will be yelled at by professionals and told how terrible the security is on various GLAM software. A live 'hacking' session (inspired by this 33c3 session and Chris Cormack's session at VALA Tech Camp 2017) will follow where presenters will attempt to log into various library LMSs using a mixture of generic passwords and guess work.

Lightning Rants
Like lighting talks but for ranting about GLAM stuff that annoys you. Five minutes to talk about things like 'why are we so afraid of open source software?' or 'why do we still not have an open access professional journal?', or even 'how does a 'one library card' system help the broken mess that is WA public libraries?'. Ahem. This could lead on from the privilege session where you can yell at white men for not shutting up and listening when others speak ("No Garry, you getting paid more doesn't help women in the industry!"). Possibly will require heavy moderation to avoid lawsuits.

Why Are We Collecting That?
A session looking at things/data that libraries collect that we just don't need. Gender and second contacts are the main ones that come to mind. This session will look at the impact of collecting this data has on current members, new members, and future members. The last part of the session will ask the question 'what if we don't collect it'?

We Have A Diversity Problem
Roundtable discussion about the lack of diversity in the GLAM profession. Identifying what the problems/barriers are, the impact this has, and how can we fix it as a profession. White people (men especially) are expected to listen and take notes.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
GLAM peeps talk about their safety nets, coping strategies, and offer advice on avoiding burnout. Make friends and talk about enemies!

I've wanted to run a GLAM specific BAHFest for ages now. The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses (BAHFest) was created by Zach Weinersmith of SMBC Comics. I think we can come up with some hilarious GLAM presentations that make you go "I...guess that sounds plausible?". A recent GLAM example is from BAHFest London 2017 with Ed Thorne on Cracking the C-Value Enigma. I DO want to be involved in this one!

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Published 6 years ago