The Order

Collection of stories based around The Order universe.

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With life spread amongst the stars, culture and tradition can be a lifetime away. Tasked with keeping death rituals of hundreds of planets and cultures, The Order help the dead pass on and the living to grieve. When someone dies away from their home-world, there are Order members who travel the stars to bring the dead home, or rush to perform rites and rituals. Respected and revered as they are, there are some Order members who sit on the fringes of space, kept at arms length even by their own people. Space can be deadly, especially for the undertakers.

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They Shall Be Consoled

The original short story introduces us to Clay, an Order apprentice, who meets death head on when her ship explodes.

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The Impermanence of Suffering

The second short story picks up where the first left off. Clay wakes up on another ship and meets Morrigan 'Badbs' Anapol, Captain of the Order ship ‘Another One Bites The Dust’. So used to offering comfort to others, Clay needs to learn how to morn for herself.