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House of Discordia book cover with a woman with black hair holding a golden apple

House of Discordia

When a trio of angry goddesses stare you down, who would you pray to?

James Carol is a lousy private eye and a barely functioning human being, yet people won’t leave him alone. While out looking for a missing teen James is seemingly pulled into the middle of a godly grudge match. Navigating a world of gods, cults, thugs, and conspiracies, can James stay alive long enough to solve the case or will his lack of self preservation and big mouth get in the way?

This first novel in the James Carol Mysteries series introduces a polytheistic neo-noir world, where godly pantheons and sacred mysteries are the norm, and mortals are but a plaything of the gods.

Cover of Hel is a four letter word book with a woman crouched down in a forrest holding a human skull

Hel is a Four Letter Word

His latest case will take him to Hel and back...

Private detective James Carol lives in a world where the gods wander the earth, often just to torment him. For the most part things are looking up, his rent is paid and the local bar doesn’t want to break his legs over an unpaid tab, but once again the gods can’t leave well enough alone. Someone has escaped the underworld and Hel wants her back, or so it seems. Soon it’s off to London to pick up the trail, but before long James is caught in the web of old Norse mythos and long held grudges. As the mystery unfolds not even hanging from the branches of the world tree would help James piece together the mess he’s found himself in.

This is the second novel in the James Carol Mysteries, and it’s a killer.

Cover of Just for the Hecate book with a woman in white dress holding an animal skull in front of her face

Just for the Hecate

Annoying gods is one thing, but pissing off witches? That’s more stupid than I am!

James Carol returns to investigate a missing woman who has taken up with the witches of Thessaly. It should be a cut and dry case though, right?

The third novel in the James Carol Mysteries. Coming soon(ish)…