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Blog June - Day Fifteen

Edward Shaddow in blogjune, discfriends


Tom Waits – Blood Money

You know that old abandoned carnival at the very end of your street? The one that if rumours are to believed closed down after those people went missing on the ghost train. If you go there on a dark, winter’s night and follow the faint smell of whiskey and cigars you’ll find a small bar set up in the remains of the fun house. Inside you’ll find a man singing a low dirge, backed by a dark carnival band. This is what Blood Money sounds like, this is what Blood Money is.

I’ve wanted to listen to Tom Waits for a while but have never got around to it. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of his voice. The deep gravel (Cookie Monster) voice gave way to various tones, one even reminding me of an older Ottis Redding. Misery is the River of the World is one of my favourite tracks, it’s dark, it real and it’s grown on me. I’m interested in listening to other albums to see if I can cultivate this interest. Three and a half ash-filled whiskey glasses.

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