Thank Your Lucky Stars – The Smiths (1986)

Listening to Morrissey is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket while you’re gently rocked to sleep by angels and all you want to do is hold him and never let go… or at least that’s what it feels like for me. Having come from seeing Morrissey live recently (an experience, I assure you) this album feels like the real thing. His mannerisms are the same then as they are now, minimal introductions to songs (if any), jumping from one song to the next with little fan fair and a love for the crowd (I can picture him shaking hands with the mosh pit). I’ll stop fawning over the godhead Morrissey for a moment and talk about the Smiths.

While I’ve been a fan for a while I’ve never really listened to them as intently as I did this this album, the perks of Discfriends I suppose? The sound of any band on a live album is different to most studio albums, they feed off each other and give a richness you don’t get otherwise. I have to mention the guitars on this album, they are superb, Johnny Marr is on point during this set. There were a few songs I haven’t heard before including the instrumental Money Changes Everything which was a pleasant surprise. Never having been a fan of live albums this one has certainly changed my mind. Four and a half sweaty Morrissey hugs out of five.