The most perfect toast you could ever hope to find.

This morning I ate breakfast at Food For Me in Victoria Park. FFM is my go-to place in Vic Park for delicious breakfast and lunch foods and highly recommend them. What makes FFM so great is their bread, making it the perfect place to review toast. They start with thick (1 inch) slices of Barrett’s Pain De Mie (milk bread) and lightly toast them giving perfect grill marks while keeping the inside light and fluffy. Coupled with the perfect crunch of the outer toasted layer, this is the most enjoyable toast experience I have had to date. The only warning is that each slice comes cut in half, which is fine for me as they are large slices, but a warning to any toast purists out there.

While I usually choose to eat wholemeal bread normally I will always get the Pain De Mie as it is such a sweet, light bread. When served in a meal, the toast comes with a generous serve of butter and a delicious chutney. I always order a second slice on the side to enjoy. Food For Me’s toast is the upper end of the scale and I give it five bread knives out of five.


Butter and chutney.