This year I have decided to participate in #blogjune in an attempt to get me back into a regular writing habit. Blogging everyday for the entire month of June? It’s only slightly less crazy than NaNoWriMo and I’m a two year winner (and will be trying again this year).

So what can you expect for this month out of me? I’m looking at having a few solid blogs coming up interspersed with general daily reflections. For those interested and to keep me on task, I’ll be blogging about:

  • Library life: my day-to-day library activities, thoughts, and feelings,
  • Discfriends: a new album reviewed every week,
  • What I’m reading: I’ve read a lot this year and I’ll talk about most of them,
  • Raspberry Pi Arcade: a guide to creating a DIY arcade cabinet,
  • Library issues: a longer blog about issues in the wider library world

I’m sure there will be many other topics I’ll cover but for now these will guide me when I run out of ideas. Let’s hope June is good too me and look out for all the other #blogjune blogs to enjoy.