Hel is a Four Letter Word. Epilogue.

Through a raven's eyes...the end.

3 years ago

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The raven Hugin sat on the fire escape watching through the dirty window as the man known as James Carol came back to life once again. The smile that quickly spread on his face told the raven more than he wanted to know. The goddess had found another. It wouldn’t be long till she tired of him but Hugin decided to leave the mortal to his fun, however short it would be. Turning he called into the night to find his partner. A distant sound came back and he knew it was time to return.

Alighting from the cold metal grating he dove into the black night, rising high up on the thermals that surrounded him. All things considered the mortal had done well. The All Father would be very interested in hearing about everything that had transpired. He was always looking for someone to help him get around the laws of fate and whom better than the man who played with the gods and won? Mostly. As he broke over the top of the buildings, Hugin closed his eyes and slipped through the air and into the places between worlds.


James Carol will return in: Just For The Hecate

Header image by Aleksey Ihnatov from Pixabay.

Edward Shaddow

Published 3 years ago