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Two posts in a month, two months running?! What have I become? #yearofcontent I thought I'd do a post on all the podcasts that I've enjoyed over the years. Recently

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Two posts in a month, two months running?! What have I become? #yearofcontent

I thought I'd do a post on all the podcasts that I've enjoyed over the years. Recently I was looking for more narrative based/audio-drama ones and had trouble finding something similar to what I already enjoyed. It's a rather long list but hopefully it helps you find something new.

Narative Based/Audio-dramas

The podcasts I enjoy the most are those that closely resemble 'old timey radio shows'. Full casts, great stories, singalong theme songs, and a hook that compels you to listen to 'just one more'.

Thrilling Adventure Hour This is my all-time favourite podcast. I love every episode and just want more. Sadly its come to an end but I can always re-listen to it all again, plus there are comics being release continuing the stories.

Welcome to Night Vale A podcast that really appeals to me, and that's before the Carlos/Cecil love story kicks in. Weird, wonderful world building with great story arcs and single stories. Their live show is amazing as well.

Wolf 359 Wolf is a podcast I've only started listening to in the last few months. At first it was an interesting sci-fi story, exploring the lives of the people on the space station U.S.S. Hephaestus. Then episode twelve happened. Wow. This moved Wolf 359 into my top five podcasts.

Alice Isn't Dead From the team who brought us Nightvale, Alice is a narrative focused on truck driver Keisha looking for her missing wife, Alice. A solid narrative in a weird world.

Within the Wires Another podcast from the Nightvale team. This one is interesting and I haven't finished it yet. Presenting as meditation tapes, the story is slowly unfurled leaving the listener to fill in the blanks. I recomend putting on some big, comfy headphones, turning off the lights, and breathe in...breathe out...

Our Fair City I've only listened to season one of Our Fair City and I feel I need to listen to more. There is great potential here to be a favourite of mine (knock knock mole people!).

A Night Called Tomorrow The first episode of this was brilliant, it ticked all the boxes. It requires a Howl.FM subscription which isn't a problem, but I'll wait till I've got some free podcast spots to listen to the rest.

Getting On With James Urbaniak James Urbaniak performs monologues by a different writer every episode. His acting range is wonderful and really brings the stories to life.


I discovered the One Shot network while researching a one shot RPG called InSpectres. Through that podcast I found their ongoing campaign, 'Campaign' which is an RPG of Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

Campaign Podcast I've been marathoning this podcast for the last three or four months. If you've ever seen me laugh-crying in my car odds are I'm listening to this. I enjoyed the podcast so much I've started up a Edge of the Empire RPG group with some friends. Remember, make brave and heroic decisions.

One Shot I originally started to listen to this podcast because they did short one shot campaigns of RPGs that I was interested in playing. I've learnt a lot from this show, and I think it's made me a better GM.

Never Tell Me the Pods I have yet to listen to this podcast (guys, I have too many podcasts at the moment), but it's by the same peeps as above. Random chats about all things Star Wars, what could go wrong?


Improvised Star Trek An improv team doing Star Trek episodes based on audience suggested episode titles? It's actually a lot better than it sounds. The more I listen, the more I enjoy this show.

Pistol Shrimps Radio I'm not a huge sports fan but now I can't live without my Pistol Shrimps Radio fix. Matt Gourley and Mark McConville call recreation league women's basketball, except very little basketball actually gets talked about. It's my level of sports knowledge, pop culture, improv, and the background squeak of basketball shoes. Plus they made a doco about the team.

Cabin Pressure Technically not a podcast but one of my favourite BBC radio dramas. Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as a hapless pilot and an excellent cast. The lemon is in play.

Wits - APM Podcasts Sadly finished, but Wits is a great mix of comedy skits, interviews, and music. My favourite episode is the one with Frank and Sadie Doyle from TAH.

Worst Idea of All Time I bailed out after season one, but it was an interesting season. Two New Zealanders decide to watch the same film every week for a year and discuss the movie after each watch. The only problem? The movie is Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2.

Review Shows

James Bonding Matt Gourley and Matt Mira bond over James Bond films. If you enjoy Bond, you'll love James Bonding.

Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files Kumail reviews the X-Files, one episode at a time. Different guests help bring back the magic of this great show.

Random Trek Another new addition to my podcast rotation, guests review random episodes. Not as hilarious as other review shows I listen to but interesting none the less.

The TradeWaiters One of my favourite comic artists created a comic book club and they review a different comic/graphic novel every episode. Great to read along with and they tackle some tough questions, highly recommended, especially for all you librarians.


I Was There Too Another Matt Gourley (I do love him) podcast, where he interviews people who were in the big name films but didn't have huge roles. It's a great way to look at a film from a minor character's point of view.

The Nerdist I listen to random episodes of this show. I love the interview style of Chris Hardwick it's very laid back and chill. The Gillian Anderson episode had me crying with laughter.

Slumber Party With Alie and Georgia I was on a quest to add more female voices to my podcasts (90% of podcasts are two white men talking) when I discovered Alie and Georgia. These ladies interview their friends in a slumber party setting and ask the big questions in life (ie. What is your favourite midnight snack, and have you ever seen a ghost?)


CardiCast If you're in the GLAM sector and you're not listening to CardiCast, you are missing out. Interviews and live recordings of CardiParties, these are great professional development as well as solid entertainment.

Serial I think everyone has heard of Serial. Not much left to say except I really enjoy this series.

Audio Books

Now, while technically podcasts, these audio book series from Big Finish Productions are more closely related to radio dramas than audio books. They feature a full cast and are beautifully produced.

The Avengers - The Lost Episodes I am a HUGE fan of The Avengers (this is the British spy show, not the Marvel Universe btw). The first series with Dr. David Keel have sadly been lost to us (only 2.5 episodes remain). Lucky for us, Big Finish have been recording audio drama versions based on the original scripts, and I have to say I enjoy these more that the actual episodes.

The Avengers - The Comic Strip Adaptions The one thing I need in my life is more Steed and Mrs Peel adventures. Big Finish bring the comic adventures of Steed and Mrs Peel which appeared in Diana magazine in 1966 and 1967 to life. Utterly brilliant.

Stargate SG-1 It's no lie that I am a massive Stargate tragedy. These audio dramas continue the story of SG-1 and Atlantis, usually from the perspectives of a single character, using all the original actors. Sadly they lost the rights to this a while back but I managed to find them all in the public library system. Go forth and ILL!

Radio Shows

The original shows that many podcasts I enjoy try to emulate. Lucky for us that archivists are amazing, and the public domain exists.

The Bickersons This is the first radio drama I ever listened to. I love it, despite its 'of the time' problems of gender roles. Don Ameche and Frances Langford are John and Blanche Bickerson, listen to their relentless verbal war late at night when John is trying to sleep and Blanche is wide awake.

Dragnet "Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." The original that started the police procedural genre. These stories are brilliant and a great insight to police work of the time.

Dimension X I'm a huge fan of Rod Serling's the Twilight Zone, and while different in the sense that most stories are pure sci-fi, Dimension X conjures similar feelings. Classic radio drama.

Wow, I certainly listen to a lot of podcasts. Hopefully this list will let you find one or two new shows for you to listen and appreciate. If you're a fan already I'd love to discuss (especially Campaign as sadly my catchphrases and dramatic retellings fall on deaf ears around home), or if you listen to something you think I'd enjoy hit me up on twitter @edwardshaddow. And remember folks, "peace is a lie, there is only passion."

Header image: 'My Podcast Set I' by Patrick Breitenbach unmodified, CC BY 2.0

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