Since last year my single issue comic purchases has changed. I used to read quite a few X-men titles and mostly physical copies. Now the majority I read are digital and mostly from indie publishers.

I've continued to read most of the stories from last year's list, with many of them finishing up in recent months. Rather than repeat myself I'll just add the new series that I've picked up, but last year's list is still valid and well worth reading!

Current Comics

  • Mystery Girl - A great story about a woman who instantly knows the answer to any mystery except the mystery of who she is. Early days but a great first arc.

  • Island - Created by the amazing and weird artist Emma Rios (Pretty Deadly and King City), this is a magazine with three different stories by different artistic teams. Think Heavy Metal but more indie and less objectification of women.

  • Nameless [ended]- I picked this up because of Grant Morrison's writing and wasn't dissapointed. Sci-fi occult horror, think Lovecraft in space.

  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl [ended] - Another story arc in the world of Phonogram. A world where music can be weaved into magic. Created by the same team who gave us Wic/Div.

  • Toil and Trouble [ended] - In the vein of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, this tells the story of The Scottish Play from the persective of the witches (come Graymalken) who weave their influence among the doomed players.

  • Tyson Hesse's Diesel [ended] - A short 4 issue part one that follows the story of Diesel who lives on a giant airship. Great story and can't wait to see where it goes.

  • D4VE2 - I really enjoyed D4VE, the story of a robot who's primary job was to kill humans and other lifeforms so robots could take over the world. Now the battle is over he has to deal with life and its problems. The sequel isn't as good as the first but still good.

  • Gotham By Midnight - I picked this up because it was co-created by Perthite Ben Templesmith. An occult investigative division of the the Gotham PD deal with crazy things. I stopped reading after Templesmith left but enjoyed those issues.

  • The Squidder - More from Ben Templesmith!

  • Shadow Play - Yet another Ben Templesmith series but the reason I read this was because Amber Benson of Buffy the Vampire fame wrote it!

Collected Volumes (digital)

  • Jessica Jones: ALIAS
  • An Age of Licence - Lucy Knisley
  • Displacement - Lucy Knisley
  • We Can Fix It! - Jess Fink
  • Smut Peddler vol 1 & 2 (who doesn't like well written and illustrated smut ;) )

My To-Read List

  • Sunstone
  • A-Force - This has She-Hulk in it and I'm cautiously optimistic.
  • Clean Room - Gail Simone writing a Vertigo story? I'm in!
  • Gwen-pool - why not? :p
  • Red Sonja Vol 3 - More Gail Simone goodness.