My story begins with a toaster oven. Several weeks ago a staff member’s lunch went up in (mild) flames and set off the fire alarm in my library. There was a visit by a wonderful fire crew and all that was hurt was the staff member’s pride. Oh, and the toaster oven. Seeing as it was a very old model long ago donated by a another staffer (long since gone), it went in the bin to be replaced with a newer model. One that hopefully wouldn’t create a fire hazard. I have never had so much trouble. Almost every day since then till yesterday I have heard nothing else but ‘when are we getting a new toaster oven?’, even from staff who have never used it before! Try to engage local youth to enjoy library services and you don’t hear a peep from staff (they’re all hiding) but deprive them of toast for a few weeks in winter and they will raise hell. Long story short, a new oven was finally purchased and while some think it’s far too small (it’s the same size as the old one), I’ve finally got some peace.

This was the story I didn’t tell yesterday and today I found out that librarians really, really, love toast.

In fact, I think it goes: cats, cardigans, toast, and gin in the librarian (and archivists) hierarchy of needs.

This is my toaster. There are many like it, but this one is mine.